The Media Literacy Club is an NGO consisting of a number of media literacy groups and professors that deal with various media literacy activities. The most important parts and activities of this collection, which are currently in progress, are as follows:

International Media Literacy Olympiad

The Student Olympiad is set up by the Media Literacy Club, aimed at educating students of media education and education in schools on media literacy training. The first phase of the Olympiad was held on March 14, 2017, with the participation of 500 students from a number of selected Iranian and Malaysian schools in a multiple choice – anatomical test. The second phase of the Olympiad was held with the participation of 40 first-time electors in August 2017 and awarded bronze, silver and gold medals at this stage. The third phase of the Olympiad will be held internationally in Malaysia in March 2018.

television programme

One of the most important events designed in the club was production of a comprehensive media literacy television program in 2017. In this regard, a program titled ” The Conductor ” was produced in 33 episodes of 30 minutes and was broadcast on the of Iran’s teenage television channel and on the website of

Club of Media Literacy teachers

The Media Literacy Teachers Club is a collection of media literacy teachers and educators focused on high school textbook instructors (Thinking and Media litracy) that works to enhance the ability of media literacy teachers.
So far, there are about 200 teachers in the network, predicted by ads and upcoming events, to reach 1000 teachers from around the Iran.

Among the club’s instructors’ plans are the following:
• Holding the theoretical courses of Teacher training with titles: visual literacy, advertising, computer literacy, cyber literacy and …
• Conducting competitions between teachers: Competition for the best teaching idea, production of educational help products, academic ability and …
• Creating counseling and teacher support facilities while teaching
• Networking teachers in the form of weekly events and routine programs


Educational products

In this part of the Media Literacy Club, various educational products are being produced, the main training products produced last year include PowerPoint teaching the high school media thinking and literacy book, and short educational clips related to the topics of this book.

Workshop and event

Another activity of the Media Literacy Club is the holding of various workshops and events for audiences in different age groups. Teacher training courses for high school textbook teachers have been the most important training courses held by the club last year.

Consulting room

The counseling room is an idea for the permanent support of the needy for counseling in the field of media literacy. In this sense, in a physical position, a number of professors and experts in the field are continuously present on days of the week, and with the attachment of advertising and television programs … Families refer to these experts by appointment for advice. Holding this room is a consultancy for the upcoming media literacy club