International Media Literacy Olympiad

The International Media Literacy Olympiad is a competitive high school student who has 4 levels of study in each stage. The first three stages are national and the fourth stage is internationally defined.
The first stage of this competition is held every year among all high school students at the country level, and by measuring the levels of access and analyzing the message, there are four alternatives to the generalization of media literacy.

The second phase is a competition between the top 10% of the first stage participants and, in addition to the levels of access and analysis of the message, the critical thinking level of the students is measured by an anatomical test. At this stage, the questions in the form of mental design is a media condition, and the student responds to questions with his own imagination in interacting with these conditions.
The third stage, with a group of 30 to 40 senior students in the previous stages, is held in a Recreational, entertainment, educational, media production, and instrumental camp. In this 7-day camp, students, in addition to being evaluated by conventional tests in three levels of access, analysis and critical thinking, should have media productions for the diffusion of media literacy. For this, the skills of producing and sharing messages are also measured at this stage.

At the end of each stage, the top performers will be awarded a different level of media literacy. At the end of the third stage, they will donate to 5 to 8 people, the gold medal, and the awarded score, silver medal, bronze and diploma. Holders of the Gold Medal, who are the top 3 players, are preparing to travel to another country and compete with students from all over the world.
The fourth stage is an international competition that can be multiplied by the participation of several countries and hosted by intercultural communication in a 7-10 day competition hosted by one of the participating countries, and international and inclusive media issues, To be analyzed and criticized and used to disseminate media literacy in each country from the experience of other countries within the competition.

From April to August 2017, the 3rd phase of the project was held in Iran experimentally and increased the overall level of use of the online media education literacy course. For this reason, the first international stage of the competition will be conducted experimentally in March 2018 with the participation of eight of Iran’s top media literacy students in Malaysia and attended by the International Conference on Media Literacy (ICMEDLIT 2018) in partnership with In the coming years, other countries will witness the presence of students from different countries in the competition. Also, at the same time, the second National Media Literacy Olympiad in Iran in March 2018 is key.
Awards: Olympiad Medals / Creativity Statues / Teamwork Award / Degrees of Media Literacy Levels / Cash Awards / International Trips / National and International Presentations of Student Excellence /
Goals: Generalization and dissemination of media literacy / Increasing public passion for using media literacy training / Identifying and strengthening selected media literacy students / Producing and disseminating students’ works in order to promote media literacy under the pretext of a competition / Share experiences and productions of media literacy among countries / Formation of intercultural communication and analysis of inclusive media issues each year.

Media literacy club-Iran

Februery 2018

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